SuperNotecard is fast becoming the best way for novelists, biographers, researchers, and writers of every stripe to begin to craft their work using notecards.

Use Notecards to Organize Your Prose

SuperNotecard is an intuitive tool that uses notecards to capture and organize your ideas. These virtual notecards can be moved into decks, arranged on the screen, or grouped and categorized with ease.

Novelists use it to experiment with storylines and to circle back, bear down and perfect their prose and characters—all with notecards that don't run out of room or fade with age.

Researchers use SuperNotecard to gather facts, manage sources and finally stitch it all together in a way that is significantly more visual and capable than a traditional outlining tool.

With many export & print options, SuperNotecard is one click away from your favorite word processor or layout program.

Notecards have colored tabs to signify relationships to categories, sources or other factors. Use the deck display to put cards in columns or rows. Use the Project Explorer to review the composition with a wider lens. Click for Detail

Factor and Reference Profiling

SuperNotecard includes deluxe features to help profile your characters and itemize your sources. Both can include a listing of details that evolve as you work.

The program lets writers create relationships between cards and these details. The relationships can be monitored from several angles. With a few clicks review or print all cards that reference a particular source. From the deck display instantly see where your main character is introduced.

Using the assortment of export and print options, output individual cards and include an inventory of related elements or append a properly formatted bibliography.

Define a character, assign a type and color. Optionally enter a description or add a set of characteristics that can be tied back to notecards. Click for Detail

Editing Cards

Begin each card with a title, jump to the description and assign it to a category. In just a few steps create the building blocks of your composition. Use the highlighter to emphasize, a keystroke to insert characters, or use the comb tool to uncover references to sources and keywords.

SuperNotecard is designed to help with "works in progress"; use the flag feature to mark cards that need adjustments and add notes to remember what's to be done.

Notecards automatically highlight keywords that relate to factors like characters or references like websites, journals or books. Pop any into a second window to refine as you work. Or, add notes to track the details of the relationship between a character or source and each notecard.

There is more to the notecard than pink and blue lines. Select categories or attach references and factors to notecards. Include notes to track every detail. Click for Detail

New!  Version 3.3

(11/28/2011) - This free update lets you create deck and card aliases. There's more...

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Key Features

  • Assemble fiction and non-fiction projects
  • Drag-n-drop to reorganize and refine the flow
  • Efficiently define and track characters, plots, and references in your writing
  • Instantly find sections of writing by keyword, category, character or source.
  • Create elaborate outlines and hide the hierarchy with one click
  • Available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Enjoy perfect file compatibility across platforms

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